Where are you..

Where are you..

In the soils…

In the trees…

In the lights…

Or in the darks…!

In the fountains..

In the seas …..

In the talks…..

Or in the hearings…!

In the pockets….

In the caves…..

In the sky…

Or in the waves….!

In the candle…

In the future..

In the ego…

Or in the sands….!

In the truths …

In the salts…

In the shines…

Or in the wounds….!

Oh dear where you are..

Keep me smiling…

Keep all happy

Don’t feel us alone

Assure that you are alive

Set Nietzsche false



Who do you want ..

 What… should i break ??

 what… should i fall apart ??

 Or to get molded into a stone ??

 Uhh.. There is a burdensome on my mind…

 Of honor ?  or pride ?..

Which Breaks me like glass ,,

 No feelings

 No emotions

  didn’t even think,

 Just make fun of

 Of my emotion

 Do it, do it

 Do it.. fill your ultimate wish,

See, do not forget…

 Every modus of pain,

 But …. but…

You will see …

my very much patience too..

To..  sufferance ,

I am also adamant..

 I am standing firm,..

  As steel modus 

 And will evoke you one day,

 From my heart to soul ..

 With the touch of love,

 And will make you my own..

 Then.. then  you, will titillate  my wounds,

 You will unction …

 Caress like…

One day..💐💐

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Illusion 3

Continued from illusion2……

“Let’s go !  Work done” Bantu said taking a sigh of relief.

“You…! Your mother’s….. What is complete, Fuckin!  we are running away as if stealing.”

 Turning back after a while, he said again, “Your boss has kept me oblivious, Fuckin don’t know what type of revenge he is taking . The work which has no meaning, the work which has nothing to do, Fuckin.. without meaning  has kept the curd of my mind,… I do not know what he wants .. ”Khyyam was in full of anger and nettle.

“My dear sirrr..! After all, you would have known what Shyam Sir wanted, you would not have been in his place today??.”  Bantu muttered softly.

“What..What did you say..Bastered Bantu! What do you mean. Raskel .. I am a senior inspector in police, and he is only a private detective … I am … I have a good respectable government job … and he has no whereabouts.”  .. understood! Think twice before speaking “

 Khayyam said in anger as being red.

 “Khi khi ..” Bantu barely stopped laughing, “Saab ji, I was only talking about the mind position”

 “I will fix the position in you, if not silenced” Khaiyam roared.

 “Ok saabji, silence” Bantu said.

Bantu and Khayyam poked around ten such sacks and put them in the bungalows  of the eminent people of that posh colony “Golden Nagar” in Sheetalnagar.

 The “Golden Nagar” was a colony of wealthy people, famous people of the city according to its name.  In the hilly areas, the plains are rarely; And on a similar 10 acres of land there were 25 bungalows of 100 by 100 sq ft, a club cum hotel, an indoor stadium and a park.  And the place fell short otherwise the golf course would have been built.

Although there was already a golf course in the city but But as you know that the hunger of rich people does not disappear easily, so efforts were made to grab the land of the nearby government park too for the other golf course,   Because of this, this colony was not only the “hot favorite” of the rich in Sheetalnagar but also in the whole country.

As soon as the “work” was completed, Bantu called up, “Shyam sir! Work is done. What next”.

 “What next! Lick my..” came a voice from the other side.

 Bantu disconnected the phone and looked at Khyyam with fear that he had not heard it.  For the first time, a smile wavered on Khayyam’s face. He may have heard what was said on the phone from that side.

 “There should be such a boss for you.”  Well done.

 Bantu turned his face and said, “Saabji, leave me home.”

 “Abe! Home, will I leave you to the god. You say it right.”  After the phone, the mood of Khayyam had changed.

 Bantu lived with Shyam, his personal cum technical assistant, domestic chef cum servant, etc., helpful in all ways.

Shyam’s house was in a relatively lower posh colony or, say, an upper middle class colony, about 3 km from Golden Nagar.

 Named “Manas Vihar”, this colony was like a mountainous area with high houses and roads.  Although the roads were certainly wide, the richness of Golden Nagar was not reflected in them.

Manas Vihar

………………. Continued

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Parallel Universe

I saw a parallel universe

I saw it yesterday,

I saw Gandhi with Mandela,

Saw Buddha with Jesus ,

Saw Luther with Che ,

Saw Tagore with Shakespeare,

Saw Einstein with Newton,

Saw Nobel with Edison,

All were busy, very busy,

Rethinking and engaged ,

Engaged in a long debate,

Yes ! They were discussing,

The true formulae of mankind,

Happiness , harmony and being good,

Yeh! Being good, being innocent,

Yes! How mediocre these words are,


Mediocre, simple , ordinary and these people….

These are engaged ……

Engaged in these words !!

How amazing ! But true,

As we have forgotten the meanings..


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Follow the dreams…

Come on , see the truth,

You are only interested…

To feel them, to play with them,

You are not trying…

Not trying..

To practise them,

To enhale them..

To work on them..

You are not open to…

A new era of approach…

Else the dreams would true…

© fiction9 2019

Illusions 2

Continued from last …

 So in the silence of this night, Inspector Khayyam Ali on his Bullet bike… Who is Inspector Khayyam, hey!  He is the Senior Inspector of Police Control Room at Chitalnagar, 6 feet hight, heavily caked with thick and long mustache, Wrestler like body, age about 29 years, color blonde.

 The glare of the Indian police usually cast a shadow on his face, but today he was nervous and irritable, looking around and cursing himself, riding the bike at a speed of about 25-30.

A former sergeant Bantu (who was a dark-skinned, fly-mustached) was also seated on the back seat of Khayyam’s bike.

 Bantu was a lean, dark, 5-foot-4-inch person.  His face was telling that he looked much quieter and relaxed than his driver.

 Bantu carried a heavy bag in his lap.

…So!  What was in that big bag.

Suddenly Khayyam slowed down the bike speed

 “Saabji! Do we reach near bungalow “

Bantu asked in a slightly sharper voice.

 “Abe , speak slowly! That’s why I sloweddown the bike ass”

 Khayyam growled.

The Bungalow

 Khayyam stopped the bike on the other side of the road near a bunglow.  Standing the bike on the side stand, he himself landed from the handle end.

He got down and held the sack from one end , than gestured Bantu to  get off. Bantu got off the bike and grabbed the sack from the other end and than they both took hold of both the ends of the sack and walked away.

Khayyam’s face became a bit distorted by seeing the sack.  He muttered, “Fuckin ‘for this day, I did a police job.”

 “Come on Saab ji, walk silently,blood burns with cursing”

 Bantu said as smiling.

The sack smelled very dirty which could be clearly seen on Khayyam’s face.

Mystery Sack

 Both of them lifted the sack and walked alongside the wall of the bunglow.  On reaching a place, Bantu bowed to Khayyam by turning his face to one side and pointing his eyes.

 From inside, Khayyam got so angry that if there was any other occasion, he would have given Bantu two slaps only for that gesture, but he shook his head slightly, seeing the gravity of the situation.

            Both of them picked up the sack and threw it inside the wall of the bungalow .  The sound of a dog barking came from inside; And both of them came towards the motorcycle almost running then sat on it and travel away .

The bikers

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The night was getting darker, the roads in the hill town of Sheetalnagar had become almost deserted. This was 9:30 in the night, the wind was blowing faster than daily.


It was autumn and the dry leaves on the streets were doing hither and thither as if they were saying, brother!  We are the kings here.

Sheetalnagar…. situated on the banks of the cold-water Sheetala River, Sheetalnagar was a small town of about 20 km by area with a population of about 1 lakhs but developed a lot due to the nearby river and a huge dam.  And was among the well developed cities.

 There were also bungalows and apple orchards of selected industrialists and rich people from all over India.

There were also four good English convent schools and two standard universities.

 Overall, this was a fairly advanced, cleaned and elite city according to Indian standards.

But just as the moon is also stained and snakes are wrapped on the sandalwood tree, the same kind of crime and criminals used to develop in this city too.  But……

But it is good… Sometimes it is good to have something bad.  Heroes are born only when there is a villain or, say, a strong many villains.


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